New Toys

I just got a Sony DPP-SV55 photo printer (pretty good sale at CompUSA) This is a dye-sub photo printer. While it is somewhat limited to smaller prints (4x6 is the largest it will print) the quality is amazing. It is also pretty quick; according to the manual a 4x6 will print in less than 90 seconds and so far that seems to be true.

What's really cool about this printer is that you don't need a computer at all. At the moment, the printer is connected to my TV. The printer has a memory stick and PC card slot (the latter can be used to read nearly any type of flash memory with an adapter) The on-screen menus appear on my TV where I can make basic adjustments to the image before printing and even save edits back to the flash card. I've had no trouble reading or writing to the SD cards that my camera uses with a PNY PC card adapter. The printer also has a "creative print" mode where it can produce calendars, stickers, greeting cards, etc. Since it is not an ink jet printer, Sony sells printing packs which include the "ink" cartridge and sheets of photo paper. (4x6 come in packages of 25 and 75 AFAIK) The per-print cost for a 4x6 works out to about 50-60 cents a print, which is a bit more expensive than some ink jet printers, but similar to the cost of getting prints made at ofoto.