T608 and Tungsten T3

Been playing around with Bluetooth as I wrote yesterday and am now able to surf the wireless web from my Palm Tungsten T3 through the T608. I'm now also able to dial the phone from the T3's contacts application...pretty cool.

Here's how it is setup for those that are interested:

  1. On the T608, click the options key (right below the left softkey, across from the C key) Select bluetooth, and then select discoverable. This will allow your Palm to "see" the T608 so they can pair up.

  2. Open up prefs and select connection. Click New. Give the connection a name ("Sprint Vision" for example) Select Connect to Phone, Via Bluetooth. Click the box next to device, and allow it to discover the T608. Make sure on the Palm you have "Add to trusted device list" checked.

  3. You will be prompted to enter a passkey on the Palm. You can make up anything you'd like - I'd recommend numbers since you'll need to enter it on the phone to finish the pairing.

  4. On the phone, there will be a similar option when pairing the devices. Enter the same exact passkey and the two should pair up.

  5. Finally, under model select Standard GSM. Click details and set the speed to 115,200bps and make the init string blank.

    Click OK until you get back to the prefs menu.

  6. Next, select network. Create a new network connection, call it Vision Internet or anything you like.

    Under username, enter "qnc". Use the same for the password. For connection, select the connection you created in the paragraph above. Finally, for phone number enter "#777".

  7. Finally, back in prefs, select Phone. Choose the connection you created in step 2.

You should now be able to access the Internet and dial the phone from the Palm. On the T3, click the Bluetooth icon in the bar and choose which connection to connect to. On other models, fire up prefs, choose network, select the connection you created, and click connect.

In contacts, when viewing a contact, press the right key on the navigator and you should get a list of contacts. Scroll to the phone number to dial, press select, and your phone should autodial.