T608 Update

The Sony-Ericsson T608 is a new phone that was to be the first US CDMA PCS phone with integrated Bluetooth. However, last month, Sony-Ericsson pulled out of the US CDMA market just as the phone was due to launch on Sprint PCS. An on-line petition has collected over 1000 signatures of users that would like this first-of-its-kind phone released.

While there has not been any confirmation that the handset will ship, it recently showed up on Sprint PCS's website and several discussion sites have postings with rumors of a release later this month.

Also, a new site, T608Users has been setup for "fans" of the handset. The site has its own forum and a lot of information about the phone. Early reviews of the phone indicate that it has excellent RF reception, a fast built-in browser, and a unique, easy to use interface among other cool features.