A Tiny Little Safe Amount of Power

Macromedia has released Contribute 2, a cool tool for maintaining simple websites. New in this version is Mac support, a PayPal module for doing simple e-commerce, and a really cool technology called FlashPaper. FlashPaper is basically a printer driver that can take any document, and make a Flash viewer for it. This allows you to publish nearly any kind of document onto the web. While it doesn't have all the functionality of PDF, it is quick to load and doesn't require anything else other than Flash, which is loaded on most modern browsers anyway. Click here to see a sample FlashPaper version of my resume.

Also, Macromedia released their Developer Resource Kit Volume 4 today. I haven't had a chance to play with everything yet, but among the cooler ColdFusion components are an easy JAI (Java Advanced Imaging) component, an XML-RPC framework, and an enhanced version of CFLOG.