Oddpost is a cool webmail service I recently subscribed to. Why should you subscribe (ie pay!) for a webmail service? Oddpost is a bit different from other webmail services like Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail.

Oddpost is more like a Windows application. It will run only with Internet Explorer, but has numerous features that just aren't present in other webmail clients. Messages can be dragged-and-dropped between folders, there is a preview pane (just like outlook) and commands are organized into toolbars, drop-down menus, and context (right click) menus, just like a "real" windows app. It has a great spam filter that thus far has been very effective - usually 1 or 2 of several hundred spam messages make it through to my inbox, and only 1 message has been flagged as spam but really wasn't.

The interface is clutter-free and very easy to use, but powerful. Aside from webmail, Oddpost is an excellent RSS reader for reading blogs and news stories. The subscription includes 50 megs of email storage space, accessible via the web interface, IMAP, or POP3. You can change the from and reply-to headers to anything you'd like and forward outside mail, or Oddpost can retrieve mail from other mail servers for you. Oddpost is $30/year, a free trial is also available.