Bad day on the 'net

Perhaps we should give up and try again next week? :-)

  • PayPal continues to experience "intermittent" outages according to eBay, although I haven't been able to get to the site at all in at least a day. There are several postings out there of people even having trouble with the PayPal debit card. eBay states on their regularly updated system status page that the outages are due to an update they made to PayPal last week. Kudos to eBay for acknowledging the problem and providing updates, but a decent chunk of the economy has gotta rely on PayPal and has been out of comission for a few days now.
  • Microsoft announced 22 (!) new security vunerabilities according to this article. The vunerabilities are across their product line, and some patches are now available. All seem to be limited to Windows platforms except for one that affects Excel for the Mac
  • Sanford Wallace is back. The former king of spam is apparently now under investigation by the FTC for installing spyware and adware on computers via his web sites.
  • The Netscape DevEdge site has seemingly gone offline. While a lot of the information here was older, it was still very relevant and a great reference. The Mozilla Foundation is looking into reviving and hosting the content.