Thanks Netflix!

I've been a NetFlix subscriber for many a year now and have overall been very happy with their service. I can't remember the last time I was in a Blockbuster. When I signed up, the service got you 4 movies a month and 4 out at a time for $14.95 if I remember correctly. Over the years, they upgraded the plans to allow for unlimited movies but came out with new plans for different number of DVD's out at once. While they did raise prices, add sales taxes, etc, they were always very kind about "grandfathering" my 4-at-a-time plan price for what everyone else pays for 3 movies out at once.

Last week, Netflix announced that they would be lowering prices to $17.99 a month. I figured that since I was on an old plan, I'd be stuck with the more recent $21.99 price, but to my surprise, today I received an email indicating that I could keep my 4-at-a-time plan for $17.99! Its nice to know that there are a few companies left out there who value their long-time customers. Well done, Netflix.