New stuff!

Wow, some really cool stuff was announced today:

  • XM Radio announced the Delphi MyFi, the first portable satellite radio reciever. It includes a built-in FM transmitter, a home kit, a car kit, and can even record up to 5 hours of XM content for later listening
  • Apple announced their new iPod U2 Special Edition. Its a 20gb iPod that is black and comes with some promotional U2 stuff and a coupon to download a digital "box set" of U2 music.
  • Oh yeah. Apple also announced the iPod photo, available in 40 and 60gb varieties. It includes a color LCD screen for looking at your photos or downloaded album art, as well as an A/V cable for connecting to a TV or projector. You can sync folders with photos, or use existing albums created in iPhoto, or Adobe Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements on the PC.