One week to go

One week from today, November 2, is election day here in the US. If you are registered to vote, there is no good reason to not go to your local polling place and vote.

If you are still among the undecided, here's what I recommend:

Both of the major candidates have comprehensive websites. Visit both, and read the content on each. If the page you are on starts to mention the other candidate, stop reading, and find another page on the website. As surprising as it may seem, each candidate doesn't always, well, tell the truth about the other.

So, for example, if you are on Kerry's site and read something like, "If reelected, George W. Bush will draft all senior citizens into the military in order to eliminate social security" it may not be entirely accurate. Similarly, if on Bush's site and you read something like "If elected, John Kerry will raise your taxes and give the money to terrorists" that also may not be entirely accurate.

While I am making light of our democratic process, the negative campaign tactics are in full swing with a week to go. Make your choice on the merits of a candidate, not what the other guy says about him. Certainly, their record as President or Senator can be taken into consideration, but don't read that record through the bias of their competitor.

Remember to vote on November 2.