Wireless Business

I've been a user of the RIM Blackberry for several years. It is a simple solution to access my email at work from nearly anywhere; it is relatively fast and "just works". Mine happens to run on an older pager-style network but several cellular carriers also have versions that are combination cellphone/PDA/email type of devices.

Sprint PCS recently announced the Blackberry 7750, which falls into this category of combination devices. Not only is it a phone and email device, it also has a built-in web browser, a wirelessly-synced calendar, a color screen, and a full QWERTY-style keyboard.

Sprint (among other carriers) will also carry the new PalmOne Treo 650. This is an update to the Treo 600 which features a higher-resolution screen and support for Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the memory on this device is limited to 23mb and several users have reported some problems with the new non-volitile memory on the device. Previous versions of the Treo used RAM - which would be erased if the battery died completely. The new memory will last even if the battery is discharged, but seems to have more overhead involved so that the same programs used on the Treo 600 take up more space on the 650.