New Bluetooth Phones from Sprint

There are now a few options for Sprint PCS users who want to use Bluetooth to connect to the Internet wirelessly. Previously, the Sony-Ericsson T608 was the only available option. While the phone's software is buggy and battery life appears to be rather short, the Bluetooth connectivity generally works pretty well.

Two new devices will shorly be available that allow you to use Bluetooth similarly. The PalmOne Treo 650 PDA/phone has built-in Bluetooth. While the supplied software doesn't allow include the Dial-Up Networking profile (which allows another device, such as a laptop, to use the Treo's Internet connection), a user at TreoCentral has published a patch that enables this functionality on the device.

Sprint is also due to release the LG PM-325 handset. This is a new "slider" camera phone that includes Bluetooth functionality, reportedly including the Dial-Up Networking capability. While not as feature-filled as the Treo, this phone will work well if you already have a Bluetooth enabled PDA or laptop and wish to get on the Internet wirelessly.