Photo Sharing

I've been using Google's Picasa to manage my photo library. It has some basic publishing capabilities, and can also send photos to a blog, but beyond that doesn't have a lot of sharing capabilities.

I recently discovered and signed up for Flickr, an on-line photo storage and sharing service. You can upload your photos to Flickr using either a browser or a drag-and-drop utility available for Mac or Windows to upload your files to your account. Once uploaded, you can add tags (keywords), a title, and a description. Other information, such as the date, is pulled right from the EXIF data embedded in the photo if your camera supports it. Photos are stored at full size but are resized for easy display in a web browser.

A cool, Flash based interface called the "organizr" allows you to organize photos into sets (albums) or groups (shared albums with multiple contributors)

Where Flickr really shines is in its sharing capabilities. Photos can be marked private, such that they are only viewable by you, public, or viewable only by a selected group of contacts that are labeled as family or friends. You can easily send invitations to friends and family members; Flickr automatically creates an account for them if they don't have one already. The aforementioned groups capability allows a shared album to be created where multiple people can upload photos to be seen by all.

Flickr offers a free trial account as well as a paid service for about $40 a year. This includes 1 gigabyte of upload per month, unlimited storage, unlimited downloads, and unlimited photos. If you'd like to check it out, I've posted a few public pictures of Charlie for everyone to enjoy.