XM PCR Lockup

I got an XM PCR for my birthday last month. This is an XM receiver that is controlled through a PC. The audio signal still comes over satellite, but you change channels, view the program guide, etc, from your PC.

Anyway, the "official" XM software that comes with the unit never really worked for me. Every time I'd start it, the splash screen would appear and then appear to freeze. My CPU usage would jump to 100% and I had to kill the process to get my workstation back. I never had any trouble with any of the 3rd party XM apps (ReplacePCR, OpenXM, myXM, etc) but the simple, stock software never seemed to work.

This evening, determined to figure out why, I discovered that the PCR software needs to listen on TCP port 9000. I don't know yet exactly what it is listening for (presumably the client-server aspect is transparent to the end user) but as soon as I disabled SlimServer (which listens on port 9000 by default) it started up reliably. I changed SlimServer to port 9001, and both SlimServer and XM PCR work fine.

I can't find this documented anywhere, nor does there seem to be a way to change this, but it definitely freezes when it can't start listening on port 9000.