Stop reading my email

Google announced the Gmail email service a few weeks ago. Its not generally available yet, but according to Google, they will offer 1 gigabyte of storage and a variety of search and organization features to make finding email easy. They plan on offering this all for free - except for a few text based ads which they say are relevant to the text of the viewed email.

This has many people upset over privacy concerns. Folks, similar technology is used in many spam filters provided by ISPs and email service providers - and no one has expressed concern. Google, like a spam filter, feeds the message through a computer program. In the case of the spam filter, it deletes or flags a message as spam; in Google's case it simply chooses a relevant ad to display. Additionally, email is inherently insecure. Unless you are using encryption, email is sent in the clear across the Internet. Gmail isn't available to everyone yet; I think people should hold off on accusing Google of violating everyone's privacy until the service is fully up and running and they can see for themselves.