A public service announcement

Having nothing to do with anything, but hopefully this post will make it into the Google index and help someone out, somewhere:

We just installed some nice new IBM eServer xSeries 345 servers at work. As part of any install, general protocol is to check for the lastest firmware and BIOS version on everything before the server goes into production. However, the latest BIOS for this (1.16) does not work with ServerGuide 7.2, specifically if you are using an IBM ServerRAID controller. You will get an error message along the lines of "version 1.12 or greater is required to use ServerGuide" and given a choice to Shutdown or Cancel (some choice) I've never been a math genius, but 1.16 is, in fact, greater than 1.12.

A call to the friendly folks at IBM got us a copy of the original BIOS revision; we reflashed and everything is again working.

Sorry for the completely pointless post, but this doesn't seem to be documented anywhere yet, even though the problem has been confirmed by IBM.