New Linksys Stuff (Updated)

Linksys has released a couple of rather cool new products. The first is a 802.11g/b repeater called the Wireless Range Extender. It requires no wired connection to your network, and simply connects to an existing access point for its network connection. Wireless clients can then connect to the repeater as their access point, enlarging the wireless coverage area.

The second is called the Network Storage Link. This allows you to connect a USB hard drive (even a flash drive) to an ethernet network and share it among several computers on a network. Seems to work via SMB/CIFS. It also includes some utilities for managing the drive and doing network-based backups.

Both are available for $99 and are gladly accepted as gifts to the management here at :-)

Update: It appears that the range extender only works with 802.11g access points. It can support 802.11b clients but can only repeat the signal from a 802.11g access point.