I might be a switcher

After more than 10 years using Wintel machines, I might just be a switcher...I think I might buy a Mac. My PC's have served me well, and overall I like Windows, but there enough "gotchas" that I'm thinking about a Power Book. Why? Well, Windows "rot" for one thing. Every Windows desktop I have needs to be formatted and reinstalled every few months - or Windows begins to slow down. Granted, I install and uninstall more software than perhaps the average user, but why does Windows seem to just slowly age away and slow down everything?

Security is another reason. Mac OS X has its own security problems, but Windows seems to be full of holes. Every few weeks there is another big virus or security outbreak. Rather than fix the holes in the first place, Microsoft is spending its time working on their own antivirus product and firewall. We wouldn't need either (ok, we probably would) if the OS and applications were secured already.

I obviously spend a lot of time at work using Windows in all its various flavors. That will certainly continue, but when I come home, I don't feel like being IT/Developer person any more. I want a machine that just works that I can IM, email, manage photos and music, etc.

Downsides? Cost, obviously is one. Running Mac OS requires Apple hardware, which isn't inexpensive. Secondly, compatibility. I'm not as concerned about this as I thought I might be, since most of the "apps" I use personally are web-based or already available natively for the Mac OS. Anything else could I guess be run in Virtual PC.

Plenty of people are "switchers"...perhaps I'll take a visit to the Apple store and see if I'm one.