More Mac Fun

I'm enjoying the new PowerBook - its easy to be a switcher :-)

I found the problem I was having earlier with PPTP actually was due to

my router at home (Linksys BEFSX41) I upgraded the firmware to the most

recent version and PPTP to the office started working flawlessly.

I downloaded the Microsoft Office trial. Its funny that Word on the Mac

is the first program I've had crash on this machine. Anyway, the Office

suite has some neat features that the Windows version does not.

Entourage (similar to Outlook) can now connect right to a Microsoft

Exchange server and does pretty much everything Outlook can do as an

exchange client, including public folders, contacts, and calendaring.

Word has a cool "Notebook Layout" which is somewhat similar to OneNote

for Windows, but a little less clunky.

I'm also having fun with Konfabulator, which lets you

add "widgets" like the weather and a calendar to your desktop. Similar

in concept to what Microsoft called "Active Desktop" except it doesn't

slow the machine to a crawl.