Printing from Panther...

Adding to the grand library of knowledge that is the Google index:

My PowerBook came with an HP Deskjet 5650 inkjet printer. I don't really need another printer, but it was free after rebate, so I took it.

Tonight I connected it to a Linksys PSUS4 USB Print Server. This is an inexpensive 4-port Ethernet switch with a USB port to connect a printer to the network. Turns out, however, that printing in Mac OS X 10.3 is a bit more complicated than I thought. While the printer worked while directly connected to the PowerBook via USB, I couldn't quite figure out how to get it to work over the network. The driver just didn't show up when I selected any of the network print methods.

Turns out that Mac OS has multiple methods of printing. One is CUPS (Common Unix Printing System). I was able to find this site with drivers for several hundred printers. I installed the two packages there, rebooted, and was able to use one of the open-source Unix drivers to print via LPR from the Mac. Works like a champ. Of course, it didn't just work, but I guess thats what I deserve for not buying an Apple print server :-)