The 4400

I'm not ashamed to say I'm a sci-fi fan. My ReplayTV has a large number of various Star Trek series' repeats and a few X-Files episodes. Tonight, I watched the first episode of the new mini series, The 4400. The premise is fairly simple - over the past few decades, thousands of people have disappeared without a trace. Anyone from a small girl in the early 50's, to a new mom in the mid 90's. Fast forward to the present. A comet is detected and will make a close flyby to Earth. Suddenly, the comet changes course and heads directly for Earth. Despite being hit by several ICBM's, the comet slows down and "lands" near Mt Rainer in Washington. A huge ball of light hovers near the ground and suddenly explodes. Out of the fog and smoke emerge 4400 people, none seemingly aware of what has happened to them - they are all exactly as they were when they disappeared...or so it seems. (play suspenseful music here)

I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. The overall concept is somewhat similar to the X-Files and primarily follows two agents who work for the Department of Homeland Security as they investigate the "returnees" and the strange events that follow. If you're into sci-fi or mystery, check it out.