Choo Choo

I've always really liked trains, as many fellow programmers/computer people/geeks do. Growing up, I have numerous train sets and anyone who knows me knows I do a pretty good WDW Monorail "Please stand clear of the doors" announcement. However, living in suburbia, there aren't exactly too many trains running around.

Recently, NJ Transit started the Riverline service along the Delaware River from Camden to Trenton. After years of delays and complaints from local residents and government, the Riverline started service earlier this year. A trip costs $1.10 per person and can be validated for any two-hour period during the day. The train shares tracks with freight lines in the evening, so night time service is unfortunately somewhat limited.

This weekend, my wife and I went for a ride to Burlington City for some ice cream at Ummm Ice Cream Parlor. The train itself is very nice. The cars are clean, open, and bright. Huge windows on either side afford passengers a pleasant view of the towns along the route. Fares are enforced by random inspection so you aren't bothered at every stop to prove you purchased a ticket. The trains are also very quiet and provide a very smooth ride. The sound of the horn and bell are pretty much the only noise. Anyway, if you are into trains, go take a ride and see something.