And now a message from our country...

Have you registered to vote yet? It amazes me that in the largest democracy in the world, only 60% of the eligible citizens voted in the last presidential race.

Deadlines and exact procedures for voter registration vary by state but generally just require a short form to be completed. Project Vote Smart has an excellent voter registration guide for each state. Most states have deadlines in the next few weeks, so if you haven't registered, take a look there and see what you have to do.

Election day is Tuesday, November 2. Remember to vote. If you are going to be on vacation, away on business, or at school, get an absentee ballot. Project Vote Smart also has information on the necessary forms to send in to request a mail-in ballot. If you are lucky enough to be attending Macromedia MAX 2004 in New Orleans, please apply for an absentee ballot. As the conference takes place on election day, you can make sure your vote counts. Macromedia's site has a listing of state election offices with additional information, as well.

</political announcement>