The discHub

This is one of those accessory gadgets you don't realize you need. The discHub is a small, 11 CD/DVD holder that can store your media without jewel or slip cases. It is intended more for temporary storage rather than permanent storage of CD's or DVD's. The idea is to organize the pile of CD's that gather on your desk, either waiting to be used or waiting to be put away.

Each CD slides into a neoprene-lined slot that holds the disc securely in place. The neoprene prevents scratches, and the slots are alternately lined up so you can easily see what is being stored. I always have at least 4 or 5 disks laying around; the discHub keeps the discs safer and easier to find. It also looks pretty cool and is available in a few different colors.

There are a few minor downsides. The bottom of the discHub is made of plastic, and can slide around a bit on a desk surface while you try to remove a disc. Not a big deal, but some rubber feet might help the situation. Also, while shipping to the US is free, it took almost two weeks for my order to arrive.

Despite these two minor annoyances, it is a really useful product. Previously, there would always be a pile of CD's that hadn't made it back into sleeves sitting around, it is nice to now have an easy way to keep "transient" CD's safe. It is available for purchase online for $15.99, or free if you sign up for a NetFlix subscription via the discHub website.