Treo 650

So my cell contract was up, and I decided it was time for a new phone. My Sony-Ericsson T608 has treated me pretty well. As one of the few Bluetooth-enabled phones available for Sprint PCS, I was really excited when it came out. As good as it looked on paper, though, the phone had some problems. Battery life was very poor, and numerous bugs in the phone's firmware made it a bit hard to use. Bluetooth worked but actually crashed the phone in some cases, and some of the phone's function were needlessly buried in menus.

I was able to get a fairly good deal on the Treo 650 since I was out of contract. The PalmOne Treo 650 is the latest "smart" phone. It is larger than a typical phone, but smaller than a typical PDA. It is a pretty good hybrid device; previous models have done a poor job of both.

The software is fairly well integrated and easy to use. Checking my email, sending SMS, or browsing the web is pretty quick; certainly a lot faster than the T608. This is the first Palm device I've had that doesn't use Graffiti. The keyboard is OK - I can type out a message pretty quickly, but the keys are a bit cramped compared with the keypad on a Blackberry, for instance.

Bluetooth works pretty well for headsets; it is actually more intuitive to use than with the T608. By default, you cannot use the Treo as a Bluetooth modem for a laptop or another PDA; there are a number of third-party solutions as well as an OS hack to enable this.

I'm still playing with some of the available software; there are some VPN clients as well as an RDP (Windows Terminal Service) client so you can remote control a Windows machine from your Palm.