Gadget Hiding

I recently decided to move my home theater components out of view and place them inside our entertainment center rather than on top of it or behind glass. This eliminated about a million visible wires, LEDs, and clocks that for some reason where never in sync. Of course, because most of the components use infrared for remote control, this made it a bit difficult to control everything. I did a little searching, and purchased the Niles Audio RCA2 kit. The kit includes 3 IR "flashers" that are affixed on top of or next to the IR sensors on your devices. A cable runs from each to a central box. A tabletop sensor also connects to this box. Aim the remote at the sensor, and each of the flashers repeat the signal - so even behind a closed door, the devices respond to the infrared command. The only visible component is the sensor, which is fairly small and only has a single cable running from it.

This setup works very well and definitely looks better than it did before.