Wii like to have fun

I'm not too much of a gamer. I've been known to play a few rounds of Asteroids, spend an hour or two with the Sims, or even fly a Learjet. To be honest though, most games these days seem overly complicated. For my purposes, gaming should be about having fun and relaxing, and not trying to remember what each of 8 controller buttons does.

So I was pretty excited about the Wii. Seeing the early demos of Wii sports made it seem like this was right up my alley - simple, fun games. Thankfully, my wife was able to find one and its been a blast. The included Wii sports disc is as much fun as it looks and is great for multiple players. The "Wiimote" is motion sensitive and most of the games are played by simply moving it around. There are a few buttons, and several attachment controllers that can be used for controlling a game with two hands, for example.

The biggest problem with the Wii is that it is currently impossible to find - it took about a week of searching to get one, and most of the accessories are hard to find in stock. I'm sure this will change as the initial demand is met, but it seems like having an ample supply of Wii component video cables and other accessories shouldn't be that difficult.

The Wii also allows you to download games to its virtual console. For a few bucks you can purchase games from NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64 along with a few other game systems. This is a pretty neat feature and has given new life to some old classics.

The Wii itself is a nicely designed system. As mentioned before, most games and the system itself is controlled using the wireless Wii remote. The remote has a small built in speaker and rumbler. The interface is very well designed; you can see, hear, and feel your way around menus through the remote.

I am also trying out Gamefly, which is similar to NetFlix but for game rentals. It is a bit pricey but seems like a good way to try out new titles. Unfortunately, my first game came out of California and took a while to get across the country. (about a week, but we had two postal holidays in there)