Today's MacWorld keynote presentation by Steve Jobs was certainly an exciting one. Apple gave some more details on the "Apple TV" (formerly iTV) set top box - it can sync like an iPod and also stream from up to 5 computers. It has a neat Front-Row like interface to make listening to music, podcasts, and watching video very easy in a living room. It'll be available next month.

But the big news was the iPhone. This seems like a great do-everything device but won't be released until June. It looked great in demo - runs on GSM/EDGE networks and has built in WiFi and Bluetooth along with motion sensors and a unique touch interface.

There was no mention of new Macs, OS X 10.5, iLife, or iWork somewhat surprisingly, nor any new iPods (although a 80gb iPod in the iPhone form factor/interface would be great.)

Not part of the keynote but released today was the Airport Extreme base station. This is an 802.11n equipped home router (also does "a", "b", and "g") - fairly similar to previous Airport models. In addition to the speed boost, it also has a USB port for sharing a USB hard drive on a network.