So what's next?

As much as we are all enjoying iPhone 3.0, here’s a completely random list of mobile technology I’d love to use:

  • Parallels/VMware for the iPhone - no, not to run Windows 7. It would be great, though, to run a virtual Blackberry. It could be isolated or as integrated as the iPhone user and/or the BES administrator would allow. Right now, I carry a Blackberry for work and an iPhone for everything else; this would give users the best of both worlds. (likelihood of happening: slim to none)

  • Mobile docking station - rumors of an Apple mediapad or small tablet continue to fly. But why do I need another computing device to carry? The iPhone already has enough processing power; all I need is a larger screen (8-10”) and some way to connect the two. There should also be USB ports for external keyboard and mouse, if I don’t want to use multi-touch.

  • iPod classic with Bluetooth - while the Bluetooth connection wouldn’t benefit iPod-only users, it would be great if iPhone could see the contents of an iPod. I like to have a large media library with me. Imagine keeping a 320gb iPod classic in your bag and having all that media available to your iPhone, wirelessly

  • WiFi in airplanes (all of them)

  • CDMA handsets that do simultaneous voice and data. Very geeky, I know, but my iPhone can be in a call and still get on the ‘net. As far as I know, no CDMA devices can currently do this.

  • WiFi tethering. The MiFi is great in that it is a small battery powered device and any WiFi device can connect to it. Since iPhone, Blackberry, and many other smartphones have WiFi, why not turn them into portable access points?