I recently had some business travel after a a few month travel hiatus.

While I was attending a business technology conference, I was blown away by the number of iPads. In a 500 person presentation room, there would easily be 300 iPads, a handful of laptops, and maybe one or two other tablets (I saw exactly one Blackberry PlayBook, two Lenovo Android tablets, and one (I think) Samsung Android something-or-other)

There were a few great apps that came in handy worth highlighting:

  • TripIt - if you ever travel and you haven't used TripIt, you are missing out. Simply forward all those airline, hotel, rental car, and restaurant reservation emails to It automatically creates an iterinary, which can easily be modified on their website or a mobile app, and the pro version also checks for airline fare reductions and flight changes. Really handy.

  • Flight Status is a great companion app as it syncs with TripIt, and gives you real-time flight information. It also has push notifications and often knows about gate changes, delays, etc before they are announced at the airport.

  • Instapaper is a great app and service that works with your web browser. When you come across a lengthy article you want to read later, clip it to Instapaper. Using the iPhone or iPad app, the text of the article is downloaded and stored on your device for convienent reading, even without an Internet connection

  • Tweetbot - the best iPhone Twitter client, period. Great interface and I've yet to find a feature I needed that it didn't have - only wish they made an iPad-optimized version

  • Spotify is a phenominal music service. For $10/month, any song in their catalog can be streamed or downloaded to your PC, Mac, or mobile device. The iTunes music store still has a slightly bigger selection, but Spotify's catalog is impressive.