After Reader

After some testing, I've settled on the following for my RSS needs: 

I tried a number of services including Feedwrangler, Feedly, Digg Reader, as well as Feedbin. I actually like that Feedbin charges a small subscription; Google claimed they couldn't make a business of maintaining Reader, so going to another free service doesn't make sense. (if Google can't make a buck off a web based service, I don't know who can). I also like Feedbin's web interface, although I suspect most of my use will be via one of the third party clients listed above.

The only real change for me beyond $2/month for Feedbin is Mr. Reader. I previously used Reeder on iPad, which has now been pulled off the app store until it can be updated to work with the newer variety of RSS sync services.  I also used Reeder on the Mac, which now has the same status as the iPad version, so I will rely on Feedbin's web interface for now.