Google Reader

Google Reader, which is shutting down in less than a month, is part of my daily reading. I generally use the excellent Reeder app either on iPhone or iPad to access the service, although occasionally I use Press on my Nexus 7 or (shudder) access the website directly.

Given the time left, I have started to experiment with 3 replacement services:

  • Feedly - They seem to be replicating the Google Reader API and have announced that many third party apps (including those I mentioned above) will have support for the service before the end of June. The service right now appears to be a Flipboard-like front end to Google Reader. Nice, but not what I need. (free)
  • Feedbin - Reeder for iPhone already syncs with Feedbin, presumably the iPad version will in the future. The Feedbin web interface is really quite nice, nicer than Google Reader's native interface. Offers a very flexible "share" feature as well. ($2/month)
  • Feedwrangler - Seems like the most bare bones of the bunch so far. A very simple (almost Craigslist like) web interface is offered, as well as apps for iPhone and iPad, although it doesn't look like there are too many third party clients yet. It also doesn't seem to support categories/folders/tags for organizing feeds, but does have a powerful "Smart Streams" feature for creating a custom feed based on a search term. ($18/year)

These are just a few I've tried, there may be others. With Google exiting the market, there is a lot of opportunity for independent developers to come up with something really useful and hopefully more sustainable than Google Reader was.